Hero Worship

Hero Worship
Form: Free Verse
Theme: Identity/Self
Subject: Twilight

I felt no fear when I saw you
In the twilight
sitting alone on the rock by the sea
I knew
who you were
and I had no reason to doubt this
the impossibility of you being here
here right in front of me
my Adonis
my inspiration
and Master of words
from the first time my hands grasped
a pen I have wanted to sit with you
and listen as your voice took words
made them play lyrically on the air
now I sit here
beside you
silent as you speak
each word sensually teasing
the breath from the sea
each word caressing the breaking
wave on the shore
and each word embracing itself
around me
fulfilling my need
for words of identity
words that made you
as they now make me
and as you fall silent
drifting back into time
I whisper
‘Thank you my Master
my Master of Words’


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