Beauty in Flowers

Beauty in Flowers
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Flowers

On summer days
as I gaze on the garden flowers
I see you in every bud
every blossom
every petal
every bloom
in the purity of scented-white freesias
now the cascading indigo beauty of lobelia
I see you
amid the passion of fiery red salvia
and as evening falls I can inhale
breathing your scent in the intoxicating aroma
of jasmine flowers
And as I walk the wild pathways
the green grasses splashed with colour
the sweet daisy ready to chain
into a crown for your hair
and the flushed petals of the dog rose
watching from the brambles
a beauty among the thorns
and I wonder if you reflect on me
in the truth of my desire of realness
like the buttercup reveals in mellow yellow
my love of butter over the fake margarines

All ways, always
Your Crazy-assed poet xxx


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