Form: Free Verse
Theme: Love
Subject: A black rose

Once when my rose bloomed
her petals were silken white
and her beauty held my heart
in wonder
her laughter sparkled like fizzy champagne
spilling over the rim of the glass
enchanting all it touched with sweetness
entwined with the scent
of my delicate white rose
In our first kiss
my rose turned to deepest red
velvet crimson petals brushing my skin
inviting love to begin
and like a flame she burned inside me
capturing my soul in the deep aroma
of a rose in her fullness of sensuality
But time was not to be
and my rose turned to beautiful black
soft petals glistening with my tears
reflecting the shards of my broken heart
scattered like the petals of roses
in the autumn breeze
drifting on the scent of sadness
without my rose
As I gaze at my roses
every petal of bright silky hues
is a sweet-scented reminder
that my rose is forever part of me
for love never dies


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