Woofs and Wags

Woofs and Wags
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Dog biscuits

How apt given our recent trip to Norfolk. No, I won’t write this from Lilydog but Simbadog. Woof!!!

It’s a dog’s life with so many things to love. Food, biscuits, pulling out the rubbish, finding smelly spots in the garden, lounging on the sofa like I own it, my toys, your socks, your bed, chasing my ball, jumping in the stream, and more food.

But what makes my tail wag the most is you, my hooman, and I know I am a lucky dog.

Each morning I can’t wait to wake you up with a slobbering wet kiss in the face – washing the salty sleepiness from your skin. I want you to wake up so we can have our walk and I can chase my ball until your arm is just ready to drop off. And best of all you have put all different smell-spots for me to explore. You are that thoughtful, and I know how much you love me, especially going out when I am asleep to change them all around.

After my walk, I get sad because you go into the room you call an hoffice and ignore me for a while and I miss you. I get so excited at lunchtime I drool, and not just for the chance of titbits of food. You, my hooman, are so kind that the best part of my day is when you are free to play with me and I try to jump into your arms for a big love hug to tell you how much I love and miss you.

I could bark on and on about you, my hooman. The hooman that fills my days with joy and gladness. I just want you to know my love is unconditional and I will be loyal to you forever. I would run miles to be with you, face any danger to protect you, and I am always here to lick away your tears if you cry. You are my hooman, my best friend, and my truest love. And I want to be the only one to make you laugh and smile.

With my heart laid bare on my wagging tail I will do everything I know to tell you I love you even more than biscuits.

My woofs and wags


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