Pen, Paper, Paint

Pen, Paper, Paint
Form: Epistle
Theme: Love
Subject: Art

Drawing pictures and writing words
expressions caught in creative thought
that dangle everywhere
including letters I write to say I love you
for like beauty love entwines
becoming inherent in art
as expressions of heart and mind
love is in the composition of lines
a distant tree on the horizon
and its spirals in the perspective
coming from the distance into the present
into the foreground like a delicate flower
reaching out from bunches of grass
vibrant and fresh it cannot be denied
it is there
love is the dark moody skies
atmospheric as it rages
battering down human resistance
love is the anguish of words
that release the soul from the pen
healing and calming
the turmoil of living
for this is my art
and it speaks love

All ways, always
You crazy-assed poet xxx


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