Lunar Vapours

Lunar Vapours
Form: Epistle
Theme: The moon
Subject: Clouds

Tonight the moon seems to hang
suspended in fullness
as the clouds scatter away
drifting on the warm summer breeze
we lay here amid the meadow grass
where the sounds of the night echo
and you rest your head on my arm
on a night designed for love
made for lips to kiss
and delicately dance on your skin
kisses chilling the heat
stirring the heat within
and you whisper my name
to float on the summer breeze
your sighs draw me closer
and I feel your breath awaken
to the gentle caresses
exploring your desire
as gentle moonlit kisses
delicate and gentle evolve
into demanding passion
and your soft whispers turn to cries
echoing across the meadow
and the moon in her suspense
seems slightly fuller

all ways, always
your crazy-assed poet


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