Thank you to KL for providing a great prompt, you can find it here


I must admit my gut reaction was holy eff, eeeek and not to write this but that is being a chickenpoop isn’t it?

My apologies, darling, there was only one way a manic depressive could go, I hasten to add, I am in a good place so safe to write it

Form: Free Verse

This place of facing outward
while searching inward
searching for answers amid
thoughts that need to be thought
confused by the truth
by self
and words of denial
so many questions left behind
no answers left to give
closed eyes
taking a deep breath
and stepping forward into oblivion
instead pacing backward
vowing never to come here again
in the certain knowledge
I will return soon
yet another hour of darkness
between sadness and nothing
contemplating the point of existence
trapped in the loneliness of my mind
self-destructive feelings call my name
calling me to this place
leaving me wondering how much longer
and stronger I need to be
Cliff Edge – Image by KL Caley


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