So What

Form: Free Verse

Who cares if she is a lesbian
what business of yours is it that he is gay
oh really it’s not your concern
I’m fucking pansexual
so what
why do you care?
Why are you bothered by gender identity saying
‘you can’t change the way you were born’ and
‘god made you how you are meant to be’
yeah you got that right
he made me fucking transgender
get over it
Still blame your god
let him take the responsibility
it won’t change it
that one simple fact
you, yes I’m talking at you,
and it’s your problem
not mine
you ---
are a bigoted asshole


6 thoughts on “So What

  1. Sometimes God ….
    Well I don’t know what he does!
    Hang on we are all what we are.
    Not one of us better than the other.
    Live and let live we need to be happy in our own skin.
    What we are is what we really are inside.
    Don’t you feel sorry for that bigoted asshole!

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    1. I have a real dislike of people who use their religion as an excuse for hate and causing harm to people – it’s always been the same throughout history.


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