#Writephoto: The Rabbit and the Warrior

Author’s Notes: Once again KL Caley has supplied a great #Writephoto prompt which can be found here https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/04/01/writephoto-rabbit/ As I am working on some notes for a sonnet form and need an example I thought I would use the Grammarian Sonnet. My rabbit seems to be more appearing than vanishing but equally mystical I guess

The vanishing rabbit by KL Caley

The Rabbit and the Warrior
Form: Grammarian Sonnet

As springtide comes amid the ancient stone
A warrior stands alone as he seeks
The old one with whom holy wisdom speaks
As across the skies the setting sun streaks
A white rabbit stands silently alone
‘Warrior drop your sword’ the rabbit said
‘Take your knee, you will see the way ahead’
‘But rabbit,’ the warrior said, ‘I ask
Can you speak with me in words sage and wise?’
‘Warrior, mine is all beneath the skies
I’ll guide you to where your heart truly lies.’
‘Rabbit, you’ve set yourself quite a task’
The rabbit smiled, ‘The task of love is great
But love will come, the queen is yours by fate’


Author’s note: I’m not sure this has any bearing on rabbits at all, but until it came on the radio I was drawing a blank so maybe some credit to Lynyrd Skynryd maybe, oh hell its just a rocking good track to write too, innit.

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