#writephoto – Transcendency

Beyond the Door – Image by Sue Vincent

Author’s Note: Thank you KL Caley at New to Writing for the inspiration and prompt. I was listening to Rascal Flatts ‘Moving On’ as I looked at the photo and have ended up with this wee epistle

Form: Epistle

To whoever finds this note

I have seen this place so many times from behind my closed eyes, a place within my dreams and visions – or so I believed. A few days ago I found myself walking here and I saw it, just as it has appeared in my imaginings.

A little weird, you might say. And sure having a dream become reality is a little weird if not somewhat disturbing. In my dreams I called it the way to transcendency, as it became symbolic with those times in life I had to make a choice between shedding the past and moving on or staying where I was. I’m not sure this is any different. Why should it be?

It is a one way passage, I know that. Making that first step to change is irreversible. I am going to make that step before you read this. I am trusting you to do what needs to be done. There is no point looking for me, I will be gone and I suspect my hole of transcendency will be gone too. The enclosed photograph is your evidence it was here at all.

I am ready to move on, leave this world for the unknown. My thanks to you for reading, I hope my leaving will not cause too much hassle.

Yours from another dimension

PS Please look after my cat


14 thoughts on “#writephoto – Transcendency

  1. Oooh what an intriguing story. I wonder whether they have arrived where they expected? Thank you so much for your fantastic entry and taking part. I will re-blog this tomorrow if that’s okay?
    KL ❤

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