The Power to Will

The element of fire has two basic magical expressions, one outward and one inward. The outward expression of fire is the power to will. For a witch this is the intent and/or desire behind an action. The expression centres around movement, action, passion, attentiveness, strength and assertion. Those naturally aligned with fire energy are well-suited to jobs that require leadership, rapid action, and agility. They are often passionate, sexual, assertive, goal-orientated, and sharp-tongued.

If this fiery outward expression is allowed to rule life the loss of balance between the fire energies can lead to hostility, anger, aggression, hypersexuality, over assertiveness, impatience, and vengefulness. If one notices too much focus is placed on striving for outward achievement then it is time to practice grounding and rebalancing the fire energies. Light a fire in a grate or fire pit, or light four red candles. Stand in front of the flames with open arms and breathe deeply, mentally inviting the energy into the body. With eyes closed, imagine the body is transparent and allow the heat of the flames to pass through. Stay with this exercise for ten minutes or so.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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