Moving On

A misty rain was falling making the amber street lights shimmer as the clubland folk started hustled through the town centre looking for a good time. I sheltered in a shop doorway opposite the cluster of pale-yellow lights that hung over the fountain and watched the water drops play while I waited for Kim to arrive.

Kim was running late, a short text sent from a delayed train told me that. No question, I would wait as tonight was important. So I stood watching the fountain and rain drops dance and mingle and finally become one in the pool surrounding the fountain. It is a universal law that all things have a partner so why shouldn’t water. The water-glazed lights were dim enough to make it all rather romantic.

I was lost in my thoughts as the dark figure of Kim walked up the main thoroughfare from the station to the centre of town. Huddled in a black raincoat I normally recognized the powerful strides as they moved at pace towards the fountain but tonight, I was lost watching the water dance and letting my own thoughts drift.

Then Kim entered the fountain’s circle of light and my attention shifted from the dimly lit water to the thought of that mischievous glint of his eyes. I left the door way and joined him in the fountain circle. ‘Sorry, love, I couldn’t stop the rain,’ I said.

Kim laughed as we started to walk. ‘Did you talk to them?’



‘They wouldn’t listen.’ I said with a deep sigh.

‘Hey, come on Brice, you have been trying for months, you have done all you can.’ I felt his arm rest over my shoulders as we entered the station hall way. Passengers were rushing past us from a platform to the town. All I could hear was Kim. ‘Are you sure you want to do this? I love you and I know you love me but are you sure?’

I looked at the suitcase in my hand and took a deep breath. Looking in to Kim’s eyes I whispered, ‘I belong with you, I’m sure.’

We reached the platform where a train for the city was just drawing in. Kim lifted my case on to the train and I followed. Just as we found our seats the train lurched, and I looked out the window and watched the town where I had grown up disappear.

©JG Farmer 2019